BioZine front pageBioZine is an online companion to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt high school biology textbook. I research, write, and edit feature articles for this website during the school year.


The Science Behind Maple Syrup Production, March 2015
How Do Trees Survive the Long, Dark Winter?, January 2015


Where Do Insect Go When it Snows?, December 2014
Vaccination: Increasing Your Shot at a Long, Healthy Life, October 2014
West Africa Ebola Outbreak Surpasses 3700 Infected, September 2014
The Science Behind an Airplane Meal’s Lackluster Flavor, June 2014
At Chernobyl, Birds Adapting to Radiation, May 2014
20 Eco-Friendly Tips to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment, April 2014
Yes, We Have No Bananas — The Demise of the Cavendish, March 2014
The Glowing Ocean, February 2014
The Left-Brain, Right-Brain Myth, February 2014
How ‘Super’ Are Superfoods?, January 2014


A Long Winter’s Nap No More, December 2013
They’re Alive!: Circadian Rhythms in Harvested Fruits and Veggies, October 2013
Growing the Great Pumpkin, October 2013
Burgers Made in the Lab, September 2013
Scientists Decode the Language of Prairie Dogs, June 2013
17-Year Cicadas Swarm the East Coast, June 2013
Shiny, Sparkly . . . Plants?, May 2013
One Whale of a Worm, May 2013
Unraveling the Mystery of Monarch Migration, March 2013
Connecting What You Eat with How You Sleep, February 2013
A Squirrel with a Sweet Tooth, January 2013
Songbird Survival in Winter, January 2013


Preparing for the Flu Season, December 2012
Singing Above the Din, December 2012
Making Medicine From Snake Venom, November 2012
Hate Cilantro? Blame Your Genes, October 2012
West Nile Infections Reach a New High, September 2012
Say Hello to the Sarcastic Fringehead, May 2012
Common Insecticide Linked to Honeybee Colony Collapse, May 2012
Ambergris: A Perfume Ingredient with an Unusual Ingredient, April 2012
A Green Idea: Composting Your Trash, April 2012
A Future Filled with Cyborg Bugs?, March 2012
The Appendix: More Useful than Once Thought, March 2012
A Killer Snail, January 2012
Reconsidering the Value of Non-native Species, January 2012


A Frog of Many Colors, December 2011
Warmer Climate, Shrinking Species?, November 2011
Cool Your Brain with a Yawn, October 2011
Strong Body, Strong Mind, October 2011
The Mantis Shrimp: An Unusual Underwater Inhabitant, October 2011
Using Stable Isotopes to Identify the Geographic Origin of Food, September
Bilingualism and Brain Health, May 2011
A Closer Look at the Venus Fly Trap, May 2011
Cave Fish Don’t Need to See to Find Food, April 2011
Sea Squirt “Nanowhiskers” May Help Regrow Human Muscle Tissue, March
Loggerhead Sea Turtles Perceive Longitude Magnetically, March 2011
An Unusual Fish that Lives Deep in the Ocean, February 2011
Getting to Know the Groundhog, February 2011
A Whale of a Tale, January 2011


A Bacterium That Thrives on Arsenic, December 2010
Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Farms, December 2010
A Primitive Animal with a Modern Function, November 2010
Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite, October 2010
Where Have All the Bees Gone?, September 2010
Gulf Oil Spill Affects Vulnerable Wildlife, May 2010
Sunk On Purpose, April 2010
Don’t Throw It All Away!, April 2010
Bark Beetles Wreak Havoc in Western U.S. and Canadian Forests, January 2010


Tree With an Ancient Past, December 2009
Outdoor Cats Significantly Impact Local Wildlife, December 2009
Rock Snot is Nothing to Sneeze At, October 2009
City Roofs Go Green, September 2009
Dragon With a Deadly Bite, September 2009
The Curious Case of the Platypus, March 2009
A Shark That Lives Among the Ice, February 2009
Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!, February 2009
Deep-Sea Fish Uses Unusual Method to See, January 2009


Raising Turkeys From Thanksgivings Past, November 2008
Chameleon Spends Most of its Life in Its Egg, October 2008
Researchers Link Circadian Rhythms to Learning and Memory, October 2008
Great Migrations: A Thing of the Past?, September 2008
African Frogs Hide a Secret Weapon, September 2008