hmdecozine_screenshotEcoZine is an online companion to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt high school environmental science textbook. I research, write, and edit feature articles for this website during the school year.


Dust from the Saharan Desert Fertilizes the Amazon Rainforest, March 2015
The Plight of the Tasmanian Devil, February 2015
Concerned Scientists Seek ESA Protection for Monarch Butterflies, February 2015
Sustainable Olive Oil Production in Greece, January 2015


Cycling in the Netherlands, December 2014
Quinoa: The Mother Grain, November 2014
Cameroon’s Mysterious Crater Lakes, November 2014
The Melting Glaciers of Patagonia, October 2014
Front Yard Gardens Growing in Popularity, October 2014
Toxic Water in Toledo, September 2014
Nepal’s Fragile Himalayan Ecosystem, September 2014
The 411 on Fjords, June 2014
Does Your Face Wash Have a Dirty Little Secret?, June 2014
Madagascar’s Upside-Down Trees, May 2014
Indonesia’s Ferocious Komodo Dragon, April 2014
The Environmental Impact of Plastic Bags, February 2014
Soil Erosion in Iceland, January 2014
Pacific Island Populations Proactive in the Face of Potential Sea-Level Rise, January 2014


Alaska’s Sustainable Fisheries, December 2013
Gaining Access to Safe Drinking Water in Ukraine, November 2013
Dealing with Waste in Antarctica, November 2013
Feral Camels Wreak Havoc on the Australian Outback, October 2013
Let’s Talk Loons, October 2013
Waste Not, Want Not — Reducing Food Waste in America, September 2013
Breathing Badly in Beijing, September 2013
Turf Wars, August 2013